If you are one of those people that are still managing life without the use of fun and creative life hacks – a fair warning – this article might change that. And, for those of you who already know the true blessings a good life hack can bring to a stressful situation – keep reading! We promise you will not be disappointed. We are about to list the DIY life hacks that will make a true difference!

Yes, we said DIY! Meaning – no waiting for a delivery, no money spent, no chance of a lost or misplaced order – just yourself, your two hands and loads of fun. All that in the service of making life easier. Cool DIY life hacks – here we come!

Protect Your Cables From Getting Damaged or Teared

In this day and age, it’s fair to say we are all addicted to technology. Even more so, we are addicted to our cable chargers. A mobile charger, a laptop charger, a camera charger – none of these are 3 for a dollar exactly. And, with regular usage (duh) they can easily be damaged or torn, leaving us with a huge credit card bill and an honest frustration. Lucky for us, there is a simple solution to this problem. Just use a spring from an old pen to keep your cable straight at all times. Simply place the spring on your cable, move it up – and, it’s done!

Organize Your Cables

While on the subject of cables, wires and cords – let’s settle the issue of storing all those cables you are not using, but refusing to get rid of. You all have that box or drawer filled with tangled, old cables and you all dread approaching it. An easy DIY life hack will sort this for you. All you need is a shoebox and some old toilet paper rolls. Place each cable into the toilet paper roll, and then each toilet paper roll into the shoebox. So simple!

Make the Perfect Ice Coffee

The ice coffee craze has taken the world by storm, and it has no intention of calming down. If you also love to get daily brain freezes from your coffee, this is for you, and you can thank us later. The perfect ice coffee has an assertive taste while maintaining a chilly temperature. This balance can easily be disrupted by putting too much ice in your coffee and watering down its flavour. So, for your next coffee delight, try pouring a whole cup of coffee into your ice tray and popping that into the freezer. Now you have ice cubes that will enrich your favourite drink while keeping it icy cool.

Light Your Candles With Ease

There is nothing quite like lighting a scented candle to create a homey atmosphere. Or to set a certain mood. Maybe to have your room smelling like heaven. Or to get better lighting for photos. We all love those lovely smelling candles, with their warm and fragrant touch. What we imagine no one loves is throwing away half of the candle simply because the wick went out of reach, and we can no longer light it. Well, this problem’s solution lies in one of your kitchen drawers. Next time you try to light that half-burnt candle, go to the kitchen, take a piece of uncooked spaghetti and use it to light your candle. This pasta is long, which means it will reach any candle holder, no matter how deep, and it will also burn long enough. Without a doubt, this is one of our favourite DIY life hacks.

Frame a Message Board for Some Stylish Organization

The concept of all your tasks and messages in one place is the holy grail of good organization. Enter – the white message board. Now, the main problem with this whiteboard is that it is not very appealing to look at. So, what you can do is get a frame that will match your board. You can buy one, or if you really want to get the creative juices going – you can even make one yourself. Feel free to decorate it in a manner that will spark your productivity and draw the eye to it – so nothing gets missed or overlooked.

Give Your Old Sneakers a Makeover

If you belong to that group of people who are simply refusing to get rid of your old white sneakers – we get it. They are your favourite pair, they are comfortable, they look amazing with so many outfits – and they are dirty. So, grab an old toothbrush and some non-gel white toothpaste and get to work. Scrub your sneakers with the toothbrush applying toothpaste on all the dirty spots, leave the toothpaste for around 10 mins and wipe with a damp cloth. You might need to repeat this process, but in the end – your old sneakers will look so fresh!

Protect and Improve Your Snow Shovel

Shovelling snow may be one of everyone’s least favourite chores in the winter. But, if we want to leave our house – it’s one that needs to be done, so why not find a way to make it easier? All you need to do is apply some car vax on your snow shovel to take some of this chore’s edge off. The car vax will have your shovel looking clean and lubricated, and it will prevent the snow to stick and freeze on it. Winter just got a bit better!

Make Your Own Sharpening Stone

This one goes under the easy DIY life hacks. All you need to do is literally turn a mug upside down. There – your own sharpening stone. You can use the bottom of a ceramic coffee mug as an ideal surface to sharpen your kitchen knives, scissors or small pocket blades. Just hold whatever it is you need sharp at a 45-degree angle. Now, this may not be a long term solution – but it can help with a quick “fix-it” moment.

Organize Your Car Trunk

If you keep all your car fluids in the trunk of your car, then you must have lived through the situation where you open the trunk and find them scattered about. Usually, this would happen after slamming on the breaks, taking a sharp turn, or driving over uneven terrain. Even more common, you will find them all over when you are in a rush to load the trunk. To keep your calm and save some time on car rides – use this little life hack. Get a shower caddy and place all your car fluids in it. It might move a bit while you are driving, but it will still keep all those bottles in one place.

Make a File Cabinet for Your Home Office

Working from home has many advantages. You can work in your pyjamas, you can take a shower on your break, or enjoy a home-cooked meal for lunch. However, one of the greatest disadvantages here would be getting an office-level organization in your living room or bedroom. Out of the many DIY organization hacks – this is probably our favourite. Use a dish rack where you would place your files like plates! You can go with a plastic or metal one, you can choose from different sizes, and you can even paint it or decorate it to match your room aesthetic. Fun tip – use the cutlery storage in the rack for all the writing utensils! Smart, right?

Cool DIY Life Hacks to Organise Your Fridge

We are all guilty of constantly standing in front of the fridge, fridge door wide open, contemplating food choices for our next sandwich or pasta dish. And, while this is an expensive habit – bad for your electric bill, bad for the environment – it is also quite annoying, isn’t it? Well, this could help. There is a simple way to categorize your fridge – all you need to do is place plastic boxes inside. You can use these boxes to separate different types of foods, like produce, dairy, cold cuts, jars, drinks. You can label them on the outside, coordinate them by the expiry date, put breakfast boxes on the top shelf, lunch boxes in the middle, and dinner boxes on the bottom. They will keep everything organized and will also give your fridge a fun look.

Make Your Own Sprinklers – Talk about DIY Life Hacks

Not much else says carefree childhood like running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day. Oh, to be 9 again. However, age is just a number, so now you can create your own sprinklers and all-new grown-up memories. All you need is a big plastic bottle with quite a few holes in it. Take your pierced bottle, attach your garden hose to it, and run the water. Feel free to run, jump or skip over your homemade sprinkler. Oh, it’s also amazing for watering your flowers and refreshing your yard! Easy to make, low budget, and loads of fun!

Increase Your Bathroom Storage Space

A simple fact of the matter is – that there is never enough storage space in our bathroom. There are simply too many amazingly smelling bathroom goodies out there – for them all to be able to fit in just one bathroom. So, rather than chasing them through the tub, having them fall over on the floor with every pick-up, or having them stack on top of one another – you can use shower caddies.

Increase Your Bathroom Storage Space

Yes, we know everybody has shower caddies, but why this is so brilliant is because you can actually hang the shower caddies on your shower rod. Or, you can even install an extra one and hang more there. Each and every one of your shampoos, body washes, conditioners, lotions and much more can have its own place and still be easy to reach. If you have children, store their bath time toys in the caddies. It’s a game-changer, this one!

Soften Your New Wool Sweater

Winter is here, and you already have so many classy outfits prepared for the cold weather. They are warm, they are cosy, and they look so stylish. Your new wool sweater is making an appearance in quite a few of them, but every time you wear it, it just feels so uncomfortable because of that itchy wool feeling. Optimise your winter fashion with this cool DYI lifehack – just soak your sweater in lukewarm water with a few spoons of conditioner added to it. Leave it for about 15 mins, drain the water, and dry it by rolling the sweater in a clean towel, until damp. Finish it by leaving it flat on a rack to dry. There, now you can fully enjoy all your winter looks!

Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

If you are the proud owner of a cat or a dog, you must be familiar with the struggles of finding all their hair all over your furniture. No matter how much you love your pet, this is not a pretty sight, and cleaning it is not an easy job to do. Why not try using your squeegee for this messy task? Get the squeegee you normally use to clean off your car windshield and watch those hairs come off with ease!

Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that DIY lifehacks are a fun, easy, and creative way to get some organisation in your everyday life. They won’t take up much of your time making them but will save loads in the long run. They may seem like small efforts, but lifehacks can help you manage your time, temper, budget, and more. And, at the end of the day – implementing these in your home will give your surroundings your own, personal, homey touch. Let us know if you’ve tried any or share your own with us. We always love to learn new ways of making life simpler and easier.