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Baby Showering and Bathing Glove

100% pure natural double-sided terry cotton


Want a safer and more fun baby bathing experience? Our bath glove extends up to the elbow. This design makes it easier to hold and wash your infant without slipping or sliding.


This long glove is easy to wear and take off. It feels super comfy and stays on even when wet and soapy, so you can focus on holding your little one during bath time.


Your precious bundle deserves all the love and care in the world. We made our infant shower glove extra friendly with a two-sided soft and pure natural cotton terry fabric.


Make bathing extra interesting with this giraffe hand glove. Babies will surely love how adorable it looks. You can even play hand puppet with your little boy or girl!


Make parenthood easier for a new mom and dad with this handy baby bath glove. This unique and functional glove is made to last from infancy to toddler stages.

Bath Time is Fun Time!

Entertain your baby with this colourful and playful design! Your little one will not be able to stop laughing at this friendly giraffe stimulating a positive experience while being exposed to water and soap.

100% Pure Natural Cotton

Double-sided pure natural terry cotton is soft and gentle for the baby’s skin, provides texture to both foam and efficiently scrub your baby clean and because it is two-sided it gives grip on your arm and to your precious one.

18 reviews for Baby Showering and Bathing Glove

  1. Jalissa Queen

    A little oversized, otherwise Great!

  2. J. Arena

    Why didn’t anybody think of this sooner? It adds such an amazing layer of safety when handling a baby in the tub! It’s functional, fun, and just absolutely wonderful!!! Every new mother should have one.

  3. Adriana

    Es muy lindo y suave! I love it!

  4. btags

    Bathing a baby is like trying to hold onto a greased piglet! It makes bathtime so stressful when you’re worried about baby slipping, or bonking their head on the tub. I love this glove because it is soft and comfortable for me to wear, but gives me a lot more confidence about not losing a grip on baby in the tub. This is really a great invention and would make a great baby gift since it isn’t something most people would think of.

  5. Kait

    I was so afraid of showering with my newborn but the glove made it so much easier. Best purchase for bath time!

  6. crystal bahner

    Secure grip on baby while washing in the shower.

  7. iminsomuchlove

    This is a sweet and great idea for bathing your baby. No more worrying about slippery hands while using soap and suds. Very cute design as well that is bright and ready to bring some fun to the tub. Great length and feels soft to the touch.

  8. Hunting Creek

    This is a nice baby wash glove. It looks more like a puppet or toy and baby likes it. We use it in the regular bath as a way to play and get clean at the same time. Haven’t used it as shown in the picture

  9. M

    It’s like a wash cloth glove but supersized. Goes just below my elbow. Fits snug. Added treat for bath time.

  10. Jessica

    Was so scared to shower with my son for the first time but with this it let me know he was safely gripped in my hands. He’s so easily showered so I love this as a new tool in my box of baby caring lol 🙂

  11. DS

    Its super cute. color is bright, and design is nice. Material feels nice to touch, about the thickness of a washcloth. Its oversized. When worn – does makes it easier to hold – certainly makes it more secure, but you still have to be careful. Also doubles as a regular washcloth. Overall decently made, cute and functional.


    I liked it, it really helped me be able to hold on to my baby during bath time.

  13. L. Gibbs

    My husband and I have been wanting to have our infant shower with us, to make the bathing process easier and quicker, however we were very nervous about dropping her slippery little body. This glove brought our minds to ease so much so that we ordered a second one after trying it for the first time. So easy to slip on, even when wet, and best yet, it helps us hold our baby girl without fear of dropping her. Love this product!!

  14. Kim

    This long mitt washcloth is a fantastic idea & I wish it was around when mine were little! Even when they’re safely nestled in a baby bathtub or a big sink, they’re slippery. Having this on your forearm provides a surface to prevent the sliding of wet skin on wet skin.

    And it’s soooo cute & bright that you can use it to distract baby or get their attention if necessary. I guess it would help if showering with baby is your thing, but I see it as helpful at bathtime.
    The terrycloth fabric is medium weight – not super thick where it would affect your grip, but also not super thin where it’s cheap feeling.

    It’s up there price-wise for what amounts to a long glove washcloth, but it makes a great gift item to box up with a cute hooded towel, a baby brush/comb, some baby wash, & some cute jammies!

    (Thanks for reading this & hope that it’s Helpful!)

  15. Mac Henry

    I think this glove is absolutely great for bathing a baby in a bathtub. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I would never bathe a baby in the shower. There skin is already exceptionally smooth, but when you add soap and water, that would make a baby super slippery. Bathing a baby in the shower is just not something I would ever do.

    I do like the bath glove for baby. The giraffe design is too sweet. I’m sure baby will like it a lot. It is 100% cotton terry fabric. Both sides of the fabric — inside and out — have a short, loopy knap, so it will hold a fair amount of rinse water that you can squeeze all over baby. At $15.95 it seems a little pricey for a wash cloth, though!

  16. Z

    This shower glove is adorable! It’s bright and colorful and will hold your baby’s attention if they need a little distraction. I don’t shower with my baby, but I use it for a little puppet show and as a wash mitt to gently wash my baby. Works very well.

  17. Alex van Tienhoven

    I love this Dutch design. Safety first with your baby and super easy to use. Thank you for making bath/shower time even more fun.

  18. Lori Wilhoit

    As a parent safety is very important to us and with a shower sometimes it is challenging to keep them safe but with this product, I was able to firmly hold my baby while in the shower. Because the grip is so secure I could really focus more on the bonding experience without being tense or scared to drop my baby. I will be buying more of these for gifts at my next baby shower.

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