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Save time & effort

This top-notch accessory will keep the belt receiver in an upright position, allowing you easy access and saving you time and effort!




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At Wididi we understand how frustrating it can be trying to find the seat belt receiver every single time you get into your car. With this in mind, we created our car seat belt buckle holder to keep the belt receiver in an upright position, allowing you easy access and saving you time and effort!


The Wididi Buckle Up seat belt receiver holder is made of durable, soft and flexible silicone which assures unmatched longevity. This high-quality car seat belt buckle guard is made of premium silicone that will tightly connect to your car’s seat belt receiver and does not cause any scratches or damage.


Our efficient belt buckle security holder’s universal design makes it the perfect choice for most standard car seat belt receivers. The inner dimensions are 4,7 cm x 2,6 cm and the silicone allows for 5 mm stretch. Please be sure to measure your car’s receivers before ordering.


Aside from making your life easier, this seat belt buckle holder is going to encourage car safety for your kids to buckle up themselves and become more responsible. This product is also perfect for the elderly making it much easier for them to buckle up too.


This belt buckle holder effortlessly slides over your car seat belt receivers in just a few minutes, so you can start enjoying this life hack product quickly & easily.

Empower your children

Apart from making your life easier, the Wididi Buckle Up is going to encourage your kids to buckle up themselves, caring for their own safety.

Support physically challenged

The Buckle Up is perfect for the elderly, those with special needs and conditions such as arthritis, making it easy to securely fasten their seatbelt.


2 avis pour Wididi Buckle Up

  1. Jose UBER

    I’m a full time, Professional UBER driver. I got these “Seat belt buckle holders” and combined them with “Seat belt extensions” for a perfect comfort of my passengers, who praise them everyday.

  2. Bobmon

    My little girl finally got big enough this last year to start using a combo carseat/booster seat with the lap and shoulder belt. She’s in the back row of our van and the portion of the seatbelt that she has to connect to was flopping around. After a few too many times of having to pop the rear hatch and help her get buckled up I was getting rather annoyed. After much searching I found this as an option. It easily slides over the receiver portion of the belt and pushes down against the seat. This keeps the receiver sticking up in a way that she can easily insert the tab into it. And, the red color makes it easy for her to see it even when it is darker out.

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