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Semplicemente senza sforzo

Basta premere e rilasciare per installare questo gancio tra l'angolo della parete e del soffitto o negli angoli di due pareti. Puoi avere le tue decorazioni in pochi minuti! Le decorazioni da appendere non sono mai state così semplici!




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Forget about using tools, nails, pins or sticky tape to hang your decorations. Install this hook just by squeezing it into wall and ceiling corners. Effortlessly simple!


This easy-to-install hardware can be used on plaster, wood, concrete, or any type of indoor and outdoor wall material. These hooks won’t leave noticeable marks or sticky residue.


Ready to take the hooks out? You don’t need special tools to do so. Just remove the decor and squeeze each hook to release their hold on the wall. Store it safely for future use.


Hai bisogno di appendere palloncini, fondali, striscioni o luci decorative? Questi ganci decorativi sospesi sono perfetti per Halloween, baby shower e feste di Natale.


These versatile hooks can be used as a cable organizer underneath your desk, to hang flip-over sheets, pinboards, inspirational wall art or a world map.

Infinitamente versatile

Con i suoi molteplici ganci per appendere, offre infinite possibilità di sospensione e può essere utilizzato a casa, in ufficio o ovunque sia necessario appendere qualsiasi cosa: striscioni di benvenuto a casa, corde luminose, fogli di lavagna a fogli mobili, arte murale ispiratrice, lo chiami!

Rimovibile e riutilizzabile

La rimozione è semplice come l'installazione, Easy Up è costruito per durare e può essere riposto nella sua pratica e decorativa scatola scorrevole per essere utilizzato più e più volte senza lasciare residui appiccicosi o danneggiare la parete.

Ottimo per le decorazioni delle feste

Hai bisogno di appendere palloncini, fondali, striscioni o luci decorative? Questi ganci decorativi sospesi sono perfetti per Halloween, baby shower e feste di Natale

5 recensioni per The Easy Up Hook

  1. Terry in SA

    These Easy Up Wall Mount Hooks to Hang Decorations by Wididi really do work! How did I not know about these til now?

    These are plastic brackets that you just squeeze and push into place where the wall meets the ceiling. The brackets have thin, sharp, pins that sticks into the wall and ceiling to hold the brackets in place but they don’t seem to damage anything because they are very short and very thin. There are three hooks on the brackets to hand your banner or flower or other decorations from. You get four of these in the package.

    Understand that these are lightweight and not designed to hold heavy things. They are perfect for banners or paper lanterns or paper flowers or other, lightweight, decorations. They are practically invisible when you put them up, depending upon your wall color. It’s the perfect solution!

    I have a large family and we have many celebrations and parties. These are wonderful and perfect for their intended purpose.

  2. Bill

    Nice! I don’t have to drill holes on my walls, but how these “hold on” to my walls are just as good as drilled-on hooks. They are easy to remove as well, which is so handy for re-positioning.

  3. Shana

    These are so cool! They’re kind of genius. You just squeeze them and wedge them between the ceiling and the wall, or in a corner, and the tension created when you release them holds them in place (there are also two very small, sharp prongs on the top and two on the bottom that help to secure them). These are perfect for renters; the prongs do leave very tiny holes behind but since these go up so high you don’t really see anything. According to the package the max weight is 2.2 lbs for the hooks. I just wanted them to hang some rope lights, and they’re perfect! They have a small hook that holds the lights in place, and I can string them from one corner to the other without any problems.

    I would highly recommend these doodads. They’re sturdy, low-damage, and they really stay in place.

  4. Val

    Such an easy way to hang decorations! I am taking these on my next cruise to decorate my cabin and to my office at work… whenever it will be (I hate you COVID-19). At work, we celebrate birthdays and have a basket with decorations, garlands, we put up. These will go in to hang instead if dreaded tape.

    My review for 4-Pack | Easy Up Wall Mount Hooks to Hang Decorations by Wididi | Removable Hardware for Garlands, String Lights, Posters | Easy to Mount and Remove No Tools | Dorm and Home Office Decor Essentials.

  5. Caroline

    Not discreet but best purchase ever if you don’t know how to hang things, quickly, easily, and without doing holes in your wall.

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