Life is a complicated, beautiful, unpredictable ride. And it can get messy, so messy. Just close your eyes for a second and try to list every little thing you need to do today. Every single one. Bet you are thinking – “I don’t have the time to close my eyes and list everything now”. We feel you. Everyday life can certainly get overwhelming. But, fear not, as what you are about to read will blow your mind! Yes, we are talking about life hack products!

It is a simple fact of life – everyone likes clever shortcuts. You know those little things – various tips and tricks that save your time and maintain your stress levels below the red zone? Well, luckily, there are people out there working on this very problem, bless them. Squeezing their creative juices into much-valued inventions and products. Products solely dedicated to making life more comfortable. More enjoyable. Calmer. And, mere words can’t express how grateful we are! Because these following awesome life hack products will leave you in awe – how did you ever manage anything without them?

Let’s start with a few killer Life Hack Products:

Baby Showering and Bathing Glove

Parents of young children – can we have your attention, please? Here is a product that will help with one of all parents’ greatest fears – bath time! This fun, up to the elbow glove will provide you with a firm, secure grip on your baby, preventing any slipping or sliding. It’s made of 100% pure natural double-sided terry cotton, which soothes the delicate baby skin. This baby bathing glove comes in a bright yellow colour, with a cheerful giraffe design – which is bound to bring a big smile to your little bundle of joy’s face. Talk about one of the top products life hack!

The Easy Up Hook

Here is a life hack product that is guaranteed to ease up the stress of party planning. Shopping for food, cleaning the house, making sure everyone on the guest list gets an invitation…what about the decorations? We got you. No more drilling holes in your walls for hanging decoration. No more sticky tape, nails or pins. The Easy Up Hook will have any party venue looking ready for partying in no time. Just squeeze and release them into wall and ceiling corners, and start hanging your balloons, banners, light strings – whatever works! They work on any surface, and best of all, they leave no marks on your walls. Easy to use, reusable, easy to remove. What more could you want?

Wididi Buckle Up

Did you ever notice the seat belt receiver’s ability to sense when you are in a rush? Yeah, it knows and hides from you – so by the time everyone is buckled up, you are already late and frustrated. Well, check out the Wididi Buckle Up! This handy invention will always keep the belt receiver in an upright position – so you can just go, go, go! Works great for the kids in the back seat, as well as for the elderly and disabled. Made from flexible, soft, and durable silicone, it will cause no damage or scratches to your car. Literally, just go, go, go!

Every Drop Beauty Spatula

This one might be a bit more on the girly side, but it’s a real game changer! How many times have you spent a fortune on a moisturizer, eye serum, foundation or any other beauty product that comes in a bottle? And, how many times were you able to use your expensive bottle of skincare goodness down to the last drop? Never, you say? Well, get ready to start getting all your money’s worth! This long, flexible Beauty Spatula will make sure you can reach the bottom every single time. The best part is – it doesn’t absorb the product! Just think of all the money you will save in the long run! Both your skin and wallet will thank you for this one.

Homey Feel Bamboo Charcoal Air Fresheners

No one likes bad smells. And, yet, so often, they show up. So, in the fight with odours, bacteria and moisture, bring your own weapon in the form of a cute Bamboo Air Freshener. The activated bamboo charcoal will simply absorb everything that can cause a bad smell – leaving you with clean and fresh air all over your house, office or car. And, since they don’t release any smell – you can even use them in your refrigerator. Let every sniff be a nice one.

Air Lock Bag Sealer

You will never again have to suffer through a bag of staled chips, cereal or any baked goods. We are talking about a USB rechargeable bag sealer here. This God sent device works with micro-thermal technology to create an airtight seal. Heats up in 5 seconds, recharges in 90 mins, but before you actually need to recharge – you will seal thousands of bags. Fresh snacks a week after opening them? Yes, please!

Blueapple Combo Pack

Say goodbye to produce dumped in the trash can – simply because it spoiled before you got a chance to eat it. You know the drill – you stock up your fridge with fresh produce, forget all about it, get a pizza craving and the next thing you know – you are taking your not so fresh produce to the garbage cans. The delightful tool absorbs the ethylene gas when placed among your fruits and veggies. With this, it neutralizes their biggest health threat, keeping them fresh for much longer. Science for the win!

Aquapaw Licking Pad

A treat for your dog and a treat for you, as well. All pet parents will just love this one. Made from 100% FDA Grade Silicone, this pad will stick to the floor, wall, bathroom tiles or any flat surface. Once you choose where you need it, just fill it with peanut butter, spreadable canned food or even kibble – and your dog is fully engaged. While your furry friend is licking away, you can perform some tricky tasks such as: giving them a bath, cleaning the house or even visiting the vet. This is one of the best life hack gifts that you can get for your best friend.

Teeny Tiny Book Light

Bookworms stand united in praising this one! If you are a book lover, you must understand the frustration of the following situation. You are in bed, in the middle of the most exciting chapter, where everything unfolds, the thrill is real – and, someone says they are sleepy, so it’s lights off for everyone. Ugh! You deserve to finish that chapter, and so you shall. This pocket-size book light will bother no one else and will let you turn those pages all night long. Sure, you might be late for work tomorrow, but, hey – a good book is worth it!

Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner

There are very few office workers in the world able to resist the urge to snack when working. And, to them – hats off. But, for the rest of us, this little Desk Vacuum Cleaner is a must! Imagine this – instead of having to clean off the entire desk to wipe off those nasty crumbs, all you would need to do is run this cutie over the surface! It can also work on countertops, coffee tables – wherever you enjoy your snacks. Saves time and leaves a clean table behind you. Sounds smart, right?

Rainfall Showerhead

Having a nice, hot shower in the morning can really energize you for the day ahead. Having one in the evening after that long day – can wash away the stress. All true, except for those of us who live in low-pressure areas. This is one of those awesome life hack products that will make a meaningful difference in your life. The Rainfall Showerhead will not only provide you with a spa-like experience but will do so in your low-pressure area. It’s easy to install and fits on pretty much all standard showerhead hookups. Go ahead, indulge yourself!

Master Pan

A nice and easy way to revolutionize breakfast. This Master Pan allows you to cook different types of food in all of its 5 different compartments. So, if you are a big family and each and every one of you has various ways of how they like their eggs – you are welcome. If you are single, or a couple and would like to get all breakfast done in just one pan – yes, it can do that too. But, don’t limit yourself to only breakfast. You can use this genius pan for brunch, lunch and diner. It requires one single burner and it is dishwasher safe. Bon appetite!

Life Hack Products You Never Knew You Needed_wididilifehacks

Selfie Light Ring

If you are the type of person who enjoys taking selfies, this is the product for you. If you are that person – you understand how much effort actually goes into producing a quality selfie. There is the makeup, the perfect smile, the right pose, the ideal angle…and it all goes to waste when you just can’t hit that flawless lighting. Waste no more since the Selfie Light Ring will bring Hollywood glamour to all your selfies. With 3 adjustable brightness settings and a built-in rechargeable battery, you will no longer have to chase your best light. Because now it fits in your purse or pocket. Strike a pose!

Cable Organizer

It’s the golden age of technology. Naturally, we are lucky to be alive to witness it. We have information from all over the world available at the tip of our fingers. We have high-speed computer processors able to ease up our massive workload. Luckily, we can see the faces of loved ones on the other side of the world any time we want to without travelling. And, we have cables. Lots and lots of cables tangled together, charging all our treasured devices. So, if you are looking for a way to get your high tech self organized, the Cable Organizer is the way to go. It has an adorable design and 4 slots per organizer. It will make an easy life even easier. And we are all in for that, aren’t we?

Collapsible Dog Bowls

For all the dog owners out there, these Collapsible Dog Bowls are a lifesaver. You love your dog, and of course, you want to take it with you everywhere. So, while you are packing your water bottle, pack this set of foldable dog bowls, as well. They will make all the difference! Easy to fit in or on your backpack, made of safe materials, and they expand to different sizes for small, medium or large dogs. The bowls are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and most importantly, your furry best friend will thank you for them. You simply have to love it when awesome life hack products include the lives of dogs as well.

Is your mind blown as promised? Here you have the 15 ultimate life hack products available for purchase. If you are having a hard time deciding which one you need to buy first – we fully understand and sympathize. They are all amazing! But, hey! They work for you! Get as many as you need. What is the point of stressing over the little things, when the solution is literally staring at you from your screen? Keep it simple for yourself. They are not called life hack products for nothing.