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Save time & effort

This top-notch accessory will keep the belt receiver in an upright position, allowing you easy access and saving you time and effort!




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At Wididi we understand how frustrating it can be trying to find the seat belt receiver every single time you get into your car. With this in mind, we created our car seat belt buckle holder to keep the belt receiver in an upright position, allowing you easy access and saving you time and effort!


The Wididi Buckle Up seat belt receiver holder is made of durable, soft and flexible silicone which assures unmatched longevity. This high-quality car seat belt buckle guard is made of premium silicone that will tightly connect to your car’s seat belt receiver and does not cause any scratches or damage.


Our efficient belt buckle security holder’s universal design makes it the perfect choice for most standard car seat belt receivers. The inner dimensions are 4,7 cm x 2,6 cm and the silicone allows for 5 mm stretch. Please be sure to measure your car’s receivers before ordering.


Aside from making your life easier, this seat belt buckle holder is going to encourage car safety for your kids to buckle up themselves and become more responsible. This product is also perfect for the elderly making it much easier for them to buckle up too.


This belt buckle holder effortlessly slides over your car seat belt receivers in just a few minutes, so you can start enjoying this life hack product quickly & easily.

Empower your children

Apart from making your life easier, the Wididi Buckle Up is going to encourage your kids to buckle up themselves, caring for their own safety.

Support physically challenged

The Buckle Up is perfect for the elderly, those with special needs and conditions such as arthritis, making it easy to securely fasten their seatbelt.


12 reviews for Wididi Buckle Up

  1. evsmama

    I purchased these and the Lulabloc seat belt holders and ended up keeping these and returning the others. I used them in a 2014 Jeep Cherokee. The seat belt holders have a recessed area so they can go down into the seat when the back is folded down, which is a nightmare for kids in boosters. These are solid and the Lulablocs are not. These are harder to get on because of the solid rigidity, but they also don’t slide right back up and get in the way. The way they fit in the Jeep they are almost flush with the head of the seat belt holder, not down farther like in the stock photos. So they *just* fit, but hey it works! I had my husband shove one of them on it was such a tight fit, but again, that means it’s not coming right back up to get in the way. I also like that they are red and easy for my kids to find against the dark interior of the Jeep. I hope this helps someone else with the same type of seat belts.

  2. Jose UBER

    I’m a full time, Professional UBER driver. I got these “Seat belt buckle holders” and combined them with “Seat belt extensions” for a perfect comfort of my passengers, who praise them everyday.

  3. Valerie H.

    I was a bit dubious about whether these would work, but they do.* better than I could have imagined.*

    *okay, here’s the thing, they work well in certain cars. We have three cars and they only worked in one of the three. Fortunately it was the car where they were most needed. We used these to stiffen the nylon webbing in the rear seat of a rav4 so the latch would “stand up” and our daughter could bucked her own seat belt around her booster seat more easily. At the same time, the second unit was used in the center seat for when we fill all seats during carpool. The center buckle in particular is floppy and meant to be hidden so this holds it up nicely. The key would be to look at measurements to make sure this will work. Didn’t work on our truck where the buckle webbing was too long (would have needed two, and I didn’t want to buy another set) nor on a midsize sedan where the buckle was fairly stiff already. Overall a great product that fills a specific niche.

  4. Charlie

    Ordered this expecting it not to work based on other reviews that it doesn’t work on recessed belt buckles. Well I pulled hard on mine and by hooking fingers under the buckle, yes it does fit!! And now my kids can buckle themselves in a flash vs having the buckle slide down into the recess hole every time.
    For reference I have a Subaru Ascent.

  5. Bobmon

    My little girl finally got big enough this last year to start using a combo carseat/booster seat with the lap and shoulder belt. She’s in the back row of our van and the portion of the seatbelt that she has to connect to was flopping around. After a few too many times of having to pop the rear hatch and help her get buckled up I was getting rather annoyed. After much searching I found this as an option. It easily slides over the receiver portion of the belt and pushes down against the seat. This keeps the receiver sticking up in a way that she can easily insert the tab into it. And, the red color makes it easy for her to see it even when it is darker out.

  6. Kathy

    These did not fit over my seatbelts in my Toyota Camry (2015). I waited too long to return them. However I cut one of the long sides open with a hand saw and fit them around the bottom of the seatbelt latches and stuffed them down into the seat as much as possible. One on one side and one fit around both the middle and other side latch (which are next to each other). They work perfectly to keep the seatbelts from sliding down into the seat and it keeps them upright for easy buckling for kids or seniors (also makes it easier to see for seniors). So while they did not work as intended they were useful. Since they do not have any effect on the safety of the belt and are just keeping it up and straight, there should be no safety issue with cutting it to fit.

  7. AlWa

    We bought these for 2 different cars, before looking at our seatbelt design. They work great in the car that has non-recessed belt inserts. However in our car with recessed belt inserts, there is no way to get them around the insert. This was completely our error, and we should have checked in advance as it is not a problem with the product. We are holding onto them as we plan to swap cars in the near future, but make sure you check your seatbelt style prior to purchasing.

  8. cetesofi

    We have short buckle receptacles that are designed to fold down into the seat when the seat back is down and pop up automatically when the seat back is up. This unfortunately means that they move around very easily and this makes it hard for a child in a booster seat to get the top buckle snapped in. This product holds the buckle receptacle in place pretty well and holds the neighbor one down so that the child doesn’t try to use the wrong one. It is hard to get on, and you have to make sure it is pushed on sufficiently that it doesn’t interfere with the top buckle. Definitely worth it for the price. We considered getting the buckle extenders instead, but there have been lawsuits after children were injured, as the buckle extenders are not made by the car manufacturer and are not always of good quality. This product has been a good alternative.

  9. Judy S

    The receiver end of the seat belts in my car sink down into the seats when my granddaughters try buckling themselves into their booster seats. I bought some seat belt extensions, which would’ve perfectly solved the problem, but because of their design, they fit on the seatbelts in the front seats of my car (where they’re not needed), but not the back seats. Rather than ordering another set, which may or may not fit, I decided to try these belt buckle holders. The description indicates these work best on seat belts that are “floppy” – and mine didn’t exactly fit that description, but I tried them anyway. Installation was not easy because they fit snugly and my seat belt ends are not really as long as they should be for the holders – but I got them on. I haven’t had the opportunity to try them out with my granddaughters yet, but it appears these buckle holders will prevent the seat belt receivers from sinking down into the seats and allow the girls to buckle themselves without my help. I’m happy with my purchase.

  10. Richard Castellanos

    If you have a 14 to 2021 Acura MDX or Honda pilot this is a must! We have a 17 MDX abs I absolutely hate the rear seat belts! That are floppy and a pain in the behind to buckle with one hand specially when you have child boosters! I was looking for some seat belt extensions when I came across this ingenuos product. They are easy to install and make it super easy to bucle your seat belt one handed!

  11. Jamie

    This was exactly what we needed to help our 6 year old buckle himself in the car! He always had such a hard time getting the seat belt in the buckle, but not anymore! So easy!

  12. ER

    Made it much easier for child to buckle over car seat. Wish I knew of these sooner.

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